Angela s.r.l. produces bags, duffel bags and other kinds of small leather goods for man and for woman. The attention to details, the high-quality standards and the innovative machinery allow Angela s.r.l. to satisfy all the demanding requests of customers in a short delivery time.

Seven new and functional sectors with over 400 operators are located on a surface of 5000 square meters in which the whole production process has place with constant check in every stage.

The process starts with the arrival of the goods and of the paper patterns or their creation. The first production phase is the cutting, it’s a very delicate stage that requires precision and a perfect knowledge of materials.

The second stage is the splitting of the leather in order to regulate its softness and thickness and the skiving of the edges. Then it goes the so-called phase of “preparation”, in which the pieces of leather and other fabrics are assembled with strengthening materials.

The assembly process and the painting of the bag is the most important and difficult part, after that the bags need to pass a very strict quality control before of the final packaging.



We follow each stage of the manufacturing process step by step so as to always guarantee our products are in line with the high quality standards we set and in compliance with delivery times.

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Our modelling department is the flagship of our production line, being the beating heart of design. Here ideas come to life and become prototypes.

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The secret of our Made in Italy 2.0 is mainly due to the avant-garde, latest generation machinery we use.

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