ANGELA SRL, an all Campania company specializing in the contract manufacturing of leather bags, shoes, and other fine leathers.
In a very short time, the company has become an important point of reference for the most illustrious luxury brands on the national and international scene, distinguishing itself for its cutting-edge technology, highly specialized personnel and extremely high product quality.
Starting in 2007 she began to collaborate with important high fashion brands, both Italian and foreign, such as Prada, the LVMH Group and the Kering Group.
From 2014 to today, a series of successes in terms of production quantity and quality have given it all the characteristics associated with the largest and most solid competitors.
A wise and perfect balance between innovation and tradition allows it to fully fit into a new concept of Made in Italy: a Made in Italy 4.0.
Angela Srl was born in Arzano, its historical headquarters, in a complex of 4,000 square meters, to then invest further in the business by opening a second factory of 8,000 square meters in the PIP area of Frattamaggiore with 420 employees, all professionals of the Angela Srl circuit, which they put professionalism and competence at the company’s disposal for the creation of high quality products.
The company is understood as a real family, where the physical and psychological well-being of the employees is preserved through listening, help and collaboration.

headquarters ARZANO


Angela Capezzuto

Young, dynamic, present in the leather goods sector for 20 years.

Sole director of the company, he takes his first steps in the footwear sector and after two years of experience in a company in the Marche region and various internships with important stylists in the Italian territory, he returns to Naples to bring the know-how gained in the family business . Starting from 2007, alone, she began to collaborate with the most important Italian and foreign high fashion brands, such as Prada, the LVMH group and Kering, thus managing to gain a place on the market with Angela SRL and bringing the world the quality of Made in Italy.

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