History, technology and passion have made our shoe factory a reality that promotes quality, experience and Italian manufacturing all over the world.
Footwear for generations.
The craftsmanship, the excellent materials, the attention to detail, the stylistic and creative research are the elements that characterize our footwear production for third parties.
All stages of production are guaranteed by certified quality control which ensures an optimized production flow with reduced standard times for processing large quantities and exclusive productions.
Our production cycle takes care of all the shoe manufacturing phases.
The first phase is that of study and creation of the paper model, the phase of the Modeling is the phase in which the design and style of the shoe take shape.
Subsequently we continue with the hemming, cutting and ironing of the uppers, then we move on to the assembly and treatment of the soles.

Finally, the industrial process of the footwear ends with the gluing of the bottom and the addition of any accessories.
Finishing, correction of any imperfections and quality control are the last steps that make the shoes ready for packaging and shipping.