Among the fundamental values ​​of our corporate philosophy, a prominent role undoubtedly belongs to training intended as research into the most innovative techniques that integrate the ancient processing methods, of absolute importance for Angela srl. It is our custom that the older and more experienced employees, the veterans, pass on all their "art" in real company appointments that are repeated cyclically. One day a week is thus allocated to the training of our youngest employees, in search of an always perfect specialization, designed with a view to a fervent and profitable generational exchange. The Angela Academy also opens its doors to all those who are interested in learning the processing techniques of the high leather goods sector. Those interested will be able to participate in the course free of charge and based on the skills acquired there will be a selection for work integration at our plants. These activities and the continuous investments in research and development, equal to about 10% of turnover, guarantee formidable and excellent know-how, to which we owe a large part of our success. Don't wait any longer, fill out the form and send us your application to the Angela Academy.