Each processing phase is followed step by step to guarantee a product that is always perfectly in line with the high quality standards that we set ourselves and respect for delivery times.
In particular, after taking charge of the raw materials, mostly leather and fabrics, we move on to the very delicate cutting phase, a fundamental moment that requires precision and in-depth knowledge of the processed material, to then dedicate ourselves to the splitting, which consists in thinning of the skin to regulate its stiffness and softness.
This is followed by the skinning phase of the edges of the leather which are smoothed and defined.
Thus we enter the preparation phase in which the product begins to take on a defined shape before gluing and drugging which will serve to give greater thickness.
Dyeing and assembly of the product in all its components, with hand stitching or by means of special machinery, complete the product before a strict quality control.
Only once it has passed various tests will it be ready for packing and the final packaging